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dedicated to grow, expand, and increase your practice or healthcare service with evidence based strategy implementation

We bring patients to your practice or healthcare service.   Our goal is to ensure that your practice or healthcare service grows and sustains a healthy financial standing so that you can again realize your most powerful gift is to heal others.  We do that by creating systems and workflow that provide long term new patient growth thereby maximizing the outcomes of your referral program. 

Whether you are just starting or have an established patient base, it is our strong belief that your practice or healthcare service has qualities, that when made known, will increase awareness and grow your patient base with financial residuals that far outlast the program. We are positioned to provide: 

  • Growth and a predictable flow of new patients  with effective marketing techniques and communication.   
  • Expanded visibility through industry networking, event representation and education to your referral sources.
  • Increased revenue to your practice or healthcare service  with a *cost-neutral solution that provides years of perpetual growth. 

Shaw's observation is more relevant in today's ever changing Healthcare environment, "Progress is impossible without change...".
Healthcare Providers remain steadfast in providing unprecedented care to their patients.  We have the science to gain market share, reduce competition, and increase your patient base.  
* "Cost neutral": the cost of doing something is not higher than the revenue that it generates"

Referral Assessment and Customized Program Set Up. 

Referral Program and Physician Liaison

Program Reporting and Outcomes